What is it?

The Large Survey Process is designed to support Wake Forest faculty and staff who want to conduct surveys within the Wake Forest community.

Our goal is to help you get the best possible survey data.

To help you get the best possible survey data, we’ve broken the Large Survey Request Process into nine steps. These nine steps will help you learn what is required to administer your large survey at Wake, provide you with tools to make your survey project easier, and give you tips on best practices in survey research.

After you have reviewed the nine steps of the Large Survey Request Process, you can submit the Large Survey Request Form.

The survey calendar fills up months in advance. Submit your form at least three months ahead!

When do I do it?

We suggest that you submit your Large Survey Request Form at least three months in advance of your planned administration date. Because of the complexities involved in identifying and preparing for a large survey, many people begin planning their large survey projects a year in advance.

Why do we need the Large Survey Request Process?

The Wake Forest community conducts 15-20 large surveys each academic year. That’s a lot of surveys.

Over time, response rates have declined as people become increasingly fatigued by surveys. Not only does that mean we’re demanding more of our participants, but the quality of our survey results is declining.

Your participation in the Large Survey Process will help create a community of effective and judicious large survey practice.

It will also make your life easier because we have integrated tools, resources, and calendar-sharing work into the process.

What qualifies as a large survey?

Large surveys go beyond your department/class/program/area and typically have the word “all.” We define these groups by their roles on campus. If you want to survey all freshman, all students, all part-time faculty, all staff, or a similar group, you probably need to participate in the Large Survey Process.

Some examples: If you want to survey all first-year students, that qualifies as a large survey. Surveying all the people who registered for your program does not.

How do I do it?

The next pages of the Large Survey Request Process will help you determine whether you need to conduct a large survey, what tools are available, and when there are available survey windows.

At the end of these pages, you will be asked to complete the Large Survey Request Form. The form will ask you why you want to conduct a survey, with whom, and when.


To complete your Large Survey Request Form, you will need to prepare the following nine steps:

  1. What do you hope to learn from your survey?
  2. Does the evidence you need already exist?
  3. What topics will you cover?
  4. How will you share your results?
  5. Who do you want to survey?
  6. What survey are you using?
  7. When will you conduct your survey?
  8. Do you need IRB approval?
  9. What incentives are you offering?

Questions? Contact us at largesurvey@wfu.edu